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Hello! I am AMIT HASAN: A Biotechnology graduate, highly passionate about writing and traveling. This is the contact page of my website. You are welcome here. Once a wise man said ‘I write to keep contact with our ancestors and spread truth to people.’ 

My Short Intro

Hello! I am AMIT HASAN. I completed my graduation in Biotechnology from Rajshahi University, Bangladesh. Now, I am doing my masters in Life Science and Health at the University of Paris-Saclay.  

I am highly passionate about bioscience research. Brainstorming research problems, doing experiments inside the laboratory, analyzing a large volume data set, and finally deduce a result from that intrigues me a lot. Since I fond of unpredictability in life, and research capable of supplying that now and then, I will spend my entire life within a research environment. 

Besides, I love to read books (especially nonfiction) and obsess with my writing. I often write short stories, book reviews, travel stories. However, my feeling extremely attached to science journalism. Also, I feel vehemence when I travel and meet new people.

Long term goal: Be a kind human being | Hardcore researcher | Author of multiple books | Professional Writer | Travel 50 countries before 50 

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