Book Review: Badshah Namdar

Book Review: Badshah Namdar

Before I started the book, I heard that this is the Humayun’s most intellectual piece of work alongside his ‘Deyal’ and ‘Josna o Jononir Golpo.’ The rumour is true: indeed.

This is the best non-fiction book written by Humayun (Personal Opinion). In this book, the life of the Mughal emperor Humayun, his war strategies, his generosity, his love for the book, his painting and his strong desire to forgive everyone are expressed in very sublime language. Reading the book never made me feel bored. However, sometimes I leave the book so that the beautiful book does not end too quickly. That’s my honest feelings towards this peice of work by famous writer Humayun.

Humayun Ahmed | Source: Dhaka Tribune

However, Humayun could have increased the analysis a little more academically. The intellectual level of the book could be a little more profound. However, I am happy that he wrote a book like this in his life, which was fun to read and scintillating to think about. Besides, this book is better than a dozen Himu: a famous fiction series in Bengali literature. Alas! he could have written more books like this; in fact, a writer like him should write more books like this one. Anyway, it was an excellent book to read. As Humayun rightly said:

The king goes, and the king comes. Tenants go, new tenants come. Nothing survives. Hungry time swallows everything, but ‘story’ cannot swallow. The story goes on.

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