Hello! I am AMIT HASAN. Welcome to my blog page. You can find all of my content here. My content varies between stories, reviews, and opinions. You are welcome if you have any idea about my content. Once a wise man said, If there’s a book that you want to read, but it isn’t written yet, then you must write it. I try to follow that man’s suggestion. I write for passion like I read for obsession. 

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Hello! I am AMIT HASAN. I completed my graduation in Biotechnology from Rajshahi University, Bangladesh. Now, I am trying to get a scholarship abroad, which will cover the expenses for my research focus masters degree. 

I am highly passionate about bioscience research. Brainstorming research problems, doing experiments inside the laboratory, analyzing a large volume data set, and finally deduce a result from that intrigues me a lot. Since I fond of unpredictability in life, and research capable of supplying that now and then, I will spend my entire life within a research environment. 

Besides, I love to read books (especially nonfiction) and obsess with my writing. I often write short stories, book reviews, travel stories. However, my feeling extremely attached to science journalism. Also, I feel vehemence when I travel and meet new people.

Long term goal: Be a kind human being | Hardcore researcher | Author of multiple books | Professional Writer | Travel 50 countries before 50